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Biological data for south-east and part of central Scotland

A lichen (Xanthoria parietina)
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'Spots and Stripes' Survey

TWIC's 'Spots and stripes' survey' aims to gather up-to-date information on the distribution of two of our native animals,the Leopard Slug (Limax maximus) and Badger (Meles meles), in south-east and part of central Scotland. Both animals are thought to be widespread, but are under-recorded in our area (few people actively look for slugs)!

We need your help!

We would like you to let us know every time you see a Leopard Slug or Badger in south-east or central Scotland. The distinctive markings of both species should mean that they are readily identifiable in the field (or in the case of badger road kill, from your car window). However, if you are in any doubt of your identification, please send us a photograph, so an expert can confirm your sighting. Our factsheets, which can be downloaded by following the links on the left hand side of the page also provide tips on their identification and ecology.

Follow this link to submit a Badger record online. Follow this link to submit a Leopard Slug record online.

Records from the survey will be made available on the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Gateway and the NBN Atlas Scotland. Because of the sensitive nature of Badger records (especially sett information), the data will only be available at 2km-square resolution for public view.

Update (February 2017)

Thank you to everyone who has submitted records to the survey to date. Since the launch of the survey in September 2012 we have received almost 800 records as part of the survey, with Badger sightings accounting for around 80% of all records received. Please continue to submit your sightings to TWIC.

Further information

  • Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland - a key source of information on identifying and recording molluscs (slugs and snails) in the UK. Their website includes information on how to find and identify molluscs as well as links to other useful resources.
  • Scottish Badgers - promote the study, conservation and protection of Scotland's badgers.

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