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Ramsons (Allium ursinum)
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Welcome to the Scottish Spider Search

Spiders are some of our most familiar and widespread invertebrates, but there are still big gaps in our knowledge of their distributions in Scotland.

Over 400 different types of spider occur in Scotland. Most need to be examined under a microscope to identify the species, but there are some that can be identified easily without any special skills or equipment.

We need your help to find out more about four easily identified spiders.

How do I take part?

More about spiders

Four-spotted Orbweb Spider

Daddy Long-legs Spider

Zebra Spider

Nurseryweb Spider

Photographs of 4 Spotted Orbweb, Zebra and Nurserweb Spiders (c) Chris Cathrine. Photograph of Daddy Long-legs Spider (c) Colin Legg.

This survey is part-funded by Scottish Natural Heritage. Data will be made available on the NBN Atlas Scotland.

Britain’s only charity devoted exclusively to spiders and their relatives. Charity Nos. 260346 & SC044090.

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