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Wych Elm (Ulmus glabra)
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Excursion reports:


TWIC organises a programme of excursions each year, some in conjunction with local recording groups. These excursions are planned primarily to obtain biodiversity data from sites across our region. Priority is usually given to sites proposed as Local Biodiversity Sites (pLBS), as this means that any data generated from the excursions can be used in the site assessment. Recorders of all groups of organisms are welcome. Whether or not you have been on one of our excursions before or are a newcomer you are most welcome to join us.

For information on previous year's recording excursions, please click on the links at the side of the page.

Recorders enjoying a visit to the Carberry Estate. Photograph courtesy of Christine Johnston.

Forthcoming outings

The excursion programme for 2016 is now finished. Thanks to all the recorders that attended this season and the leaders for their time and expertise. Any outstanding records from outings can be submitted to A summary report of 2016 outings will be published on the website in due course and attendees will receive full species lists for sites once data processing is complete.

TWIC will now start planning the 2017 programme. If you would like to lead an excursion for TWIC next season, please get in touch. In 2017 we will aim to hold 2 excursions per month between May and August with the option to hold an outing in April and September as well.


1. Unless otherwise stated, there is no need to book a place on an excursion. However, those planning to attend should let TWIC or the excursion leader know, so that they can be notified if there is a change in plans.

2. For further information please contact the TWIC office (01875 825968) or email

3. Safety on excursions: Anyone attending a TWIC excursion does so at their own risk.

4. Anyone who can assist with transport to excursions, or who requires assistance with transport should contact TWIC who will endeavour to put recorders in contact with one another to arrange matters themselves.

5. The leader reserves the right to change or cancels outings as circumstances dictate.

6. The leader's mobile phone number is for contacting him/her on the day.

7. Records from excursions will be uploaded to the NBN Gateway and Atlas of Living Scotland (AoLS).

TWIC is a company limited by guarantee - registered in Scotland No. SC234339. A recognised Scottish Charity SC034113. TWIC acknowledges financial support from Scottish Natural Heritage.