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Biological data for south-east and part of central Scotland

Crane flies (Tipula sp)
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Welcome to The Wildlife Information Centre (TWIC) website

Photographs (from left): Dark Green Fritillary (c) Ron McBeath; Juniper Craigs excursion (c) Natalie Harmsworth; Badgers at sett (c) Chris Sydes and; Female Palmate Newt (c) Gary Hovell (LARG).

TWIC is the Local Environmental Records Centre for part of south-east & central Scotland. We collect, collate and disseminate information about wildlife in our area.

At present our database holds more than 2 million records. For more information on how TWIC is run please see our About Us pages.

Information for:

  • Recorders: If you would like to contribute wildlife sightings to TWIC, get help on species identification or find out about recording events please visit our Recording pages.
  • Commercial users: Information on how to request data from TWIC can be found on our Request Data page.

Public Surveys:

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To keep up to date with all TWIC news and activities, visit our news and events pages, follow us on our Facebook page and Follow @wildlife_info on Twitter. You can also join in the discussion on our discussion forum.

This project is supported by Scottish Natural Heritage

TWIC is a company limited by guarantee - registered in Scotland No. SC234339. A recognised Scottish Charity SC034113. TWIC acknowledges financial support from SNH.